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2nd Dec 2020

5 Skin Treatments Men Are Going Crazy For

As Manhattan dermatologist Michael Eidelman, M.D says, we are now living in the age of “Menaissance”. Men are becoming exponentially drawn to less or more invasive procedures in order to look their best, aside from embracing regul...

1st Dec 2020

4 Steps to Picking Up a Girl If You Are a Girl

As a newly-out bisexual or lesbian girl, the idea of meeting girls and asking them out can seem a bit intimidating. Although the fear of rejection is real, the possibility of a fulfilling relationship should be much more important...

29th Nov 2020

Can Separating Love And Sex Be Beneficial?

Regardless of whether we prefer monogamous, open, or relationship types that fall somewhere in between, it’s fair to say that most of us seek general commonalities in a relationship. These include a sense of security and belonging...

28th Nov 2020

The Gift of Being Different with Aesha Kennedy

I spoke with the beautiful Aesha Kennedy on her Brilliant Misfits Podcast about how I have never felt as if I fitted in (even as a child) BUT how I’ve turned that into a gift.You know I really believe that the world needs (and des...