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Blindfolds are often used in light BDSM practices, this is a piece of fabric that is secured around the head and placed over the eyes to block the wearers sight.

Removing ones vision adds another dimension to sex by forcing one partner to rely on their other senses, smell, taste, touch and hearing.

It’s a whole new experience. If you have never been blindfolded, it's highly recommended.

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  • Adore Me Pleasure Set

    Adore Me Pleasure Set


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    Bridal Pleasure Set


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    Indulge Me Pleasure Set


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  • Open Secret Gift Set

    Open Secret Gift Set


    Treat the one you adore most to a night of pure passion as you indulge in playful restraint with the silk and suede Sutra Chainlink Cuffs, while the Intima Silk Blindfold intensifies your senses for what is to come. Then take pleasures to new heights...

  • Sinful - Blindfold - Black

    Sinful - Blindfold - Black


    Get kinky in black with the Sinful line. The Blindfold is a sexy comfortable alternative to the norm. Artfully crafted and featuring a soft elastic band that holds securely without intense pressure this is the only kind of blindfold you will ever want or...