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The Gift of Being Different with Aesha Kennedy

Posted by Isiah McKimmie

The Gift of Being Different with Aesha Kennedy

I spoke with the beautiful Aesha Kennedy on her Brilliant Misfits Podcast about how I have never felt as if I fitted in (even as a child) BUT how I’ve turned that into a gift.

You know I really believe that the world needs (and deserves) us to really “bring” and “share” our unique gifts and talents, not be just what others expect us to be, not to hide our light or to make ourselves smaller.

When we love ourselves for who we really are and feel good about ourselves we make better choices – for ourselves, those we love and for the world around us.

In life you may plan to head in one direction, but you have to trust your intuition and allow the universe to guide you.

Something that Aesha said really resonated. She said “We live in a creative universe. If we can trust in that & not try to control it, it won’t lead you astray, everything is divinely perfect.”

I love that. That so much resonates for how I live my life.

Some of the highlights from our chat:

– Investigating unconscious beliefs

– What does an embodied practice mean?

– Tips and tools to care and connect, first with yourself and with others.

Unpacking taboos around being a sexual being

– embracing who you truly are

Take a listen. And I hope my story inspires you to connect with your true self and to confidently be the best version of your own “Brilliant Misfit” that you can be.

Aesha Kennedy is a Certified Life Coach, a teacher and practitioner of Yoga and Mindfulness and a Visual Arts Practitioner. Her podcast Brilliant Misfits is about women who didn’t fit in and explores how this has helped them create amazing lives and businesses by courageously following their heart and doing it their own way.

You can find out more about Aesha on her website, her facebook page or check her out on Insta.