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A hogtie is a type of bondage restraint technique where the person has their arms tied behind their back. Their legs are then bent back and tied to, or close by their hands. Another method is to tie the person's hands and feet together at the front, although that is less frequent in BDSM circles.

A hogtie harness is a type of harness (either worn, usually made of leather; or tied on a person with rope) that allows the person to be bound in the hogtie position.

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  • Adam and Eve's Hog Tie Adam and Eve's Hog Tie

    Adam and Eve's Hog Tie


    Lookin' to add a little Wild West kink to your next bedroom rodeo? The Hog Tie Kit lets you rope your lover and hold 'em in place for whatever sexy moves you have in mind! And they'll be sittin' pretty in total comfort - thanks to fully adjustable, faux...

  • Deluxe Chain Hog Tie Deluxe Chain Hog Tie

    Deluxe Chain Hog Tie


    Treat your slave to sweet torture with the Lux Fetish Deluxe Chain Hogtie. With this restraint, you can put your submissive in a unique, exposed position for you to have your way with. The hogtie’s four sturdy chains are conjoined by a strong...

  • Scandal Hog Tie Scandal Hog Tie

    Scandal Hog Tie


    Total surrender to a trusted lover can lea to new heights of ecstasy. A hog tie binds its wearer by both wrists and ankles simultaneously for complete submission. This gives the dominant partner total control to explore their submissive partners deepest...