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Do you like working out in the gym? Amidst the squats, curls and planks, there’s one less-visible exercise you shouldn’t skip, your Kegels.

Kegel balls are basically little weights for your vagina. They consist of one or more balls, sometimes connected by a string or silicone and of varying weights. The balls are inserted inside the vagina and held in place by the pelvic floor muscles.

If you are a woman who has difficulty achieving orgasm through intercourse, strengthening these muscles can enhance sexual pleasure help you to reach climax.

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  • Luna Beads

    Luna Beads


    Versatility is what Luna Beads is known for. The Luna Beads has combined pleasure with fitness as it works to strengthen the vaginal wall and at the same time offers a pleasurable sensation as they discreetly vibrate in response to your body's movements...

  • Momenta Kegel Balls - Light Blue

    Momenta Kegel Balls - Light Blue


    Momenta. An abundance of motions. The sensual combination of vibrations & rattling, blended together for harmonious strength and stimulation.10 powerful vibration modesMemory function100% WaterproofDurableQuietDiscreet

  • Weighted Kegel Balls - Teal

    Weighted Kegel Balls - Teal


    The ergonomically shaped Weighted Kegel Balls are designed for comfortable kegel exercises. Regular kegel exercises increase sexual satisfaction, strengthened pelvi muscles and amplied arousal. These perfectly weighted kegel balls are thoughtfully...

  • Wellness - Kegel Training Kit - Purple

    Wellness - Kegel Training Kit - Purple


    The Wellness Kegel Training Kit delivers a fully customized strengthening routine. This complete set includes six balls, progressively weighted in pairs from 0.6 ounces to 1.8 ounces. The satin smooth silicone balls can be used alone or in pairs, for a...