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Love Yourself from A-Z


The ultimate guide to sex toys, how to use them and how to maximise your pleasure!





Anal Beads

These are sex toys that have multiple spheres or balls put together in series. They are inserted through the anus and then removed slowly, depending on the desired effect to enhance climax ....... Learn more

Anal Dildo / Anal Vibrator

Anal dildos are designed specifically for anal use and is often curved for prostate stimulation. Anal dildos have a wide and round bases that prevent the toy from being in too deep which makes it safe to use .... Learn more




Ball Gag

A ball gag is a rubber or silicone ball that goes in the mouth, behind the teeth and is held in place by a strap and is being worn during sexual BDSM and roleplay.... Learn more


Blindfolds are often used in light BDSM practices, this is a piece of fabric that is secured around the head and placed over the eyes to block the wearers sight .... Learn more

Bondage Rope

Also known as kinbaku or shibari is the act of using a rope to restrict movement, wrap, suspend or even restrain a person during a BDSM activity. For beginners who are exploring bondage the first time, rope is .... Learn more

Bondage Tape

One of the easiest, more affordable, and - best of all - safest ways to restrain someone during a BDSM activity is using a bondage tape .... Learn more

Bullet Vibrator

Big things come in small packages, for vibrators that is! If you haven't tried one of these before, now is the time to do so as these bullets will show you the exact meaning of .... Learn more

Butt Plugs (Vibrating Butt Plugs)

Butt plugs are one of the most popular anal sex toys. The simple design of a butt plug helps people enjoy hands-free anal stimulation due to its flanged end that prevents it from being lost inside the rectum .... Learn more

Butterfly Vibrator

Specially designed to stimulate the clitoris, the body of this toy will definitely stimulate the clitoris while the wings stimulates the labia and other surrounding areas. The butterly vibrator is outfitted with straps .... Learn more





Classic Vibrator

Here it is, the most used and loved sex toy of all time! Vibrators range in strength from super-powerful to gentle vibrators. They can be battery operated, cordless, rechargeable or cord-powered. Vibrators can be .... Learn more

Chastity Belt

A chastity device is a tool used to prevent the wearer (submissive) from having any kind of sexual contact, be it .... Learn more

Clit Clamp

Sometimes referred to as clit jewelry is often worn during sex to amplify simulation of the clitoris. These are sometimes used to cause pain which then cause a numbing sensation to the clit to emphasize .... Learn more

Clitoral Vibrator

Clitoral Vibrators are sex toys designed to massage and stimulate the clitoris towards orgasm and achieving sexual .... Learn more

Clitoral Pump

Clitoral Pump is used on the clitoris or labia to create suction and increase blood flow to the genitals .... Learn more

Cock Ring

Cock ring is usually worn around the base of the penis to restrict the flow of blood from the erect penis to amplify and prolong the erection .... Learn more


Crops are one of the devices being used in what the BDSM community calls "Impact Play" along with whips, floggers and canes .... Learn more


Crops are one of the devices being used in what the BDSM community calls "Impact Play" along with whips, floggers and canes .... Learn more






A dildo is designed for vaginal or anal penetration and simulation, whether for masturbation or with a sexual partner .... Learn more

Dildo Harness (Strap-on)

Why fuss with a harness if you can just use a regular dildo and put it where you want it to by hand? That’s what most dildo users do. But harnesses offer a different experience, one that produces a unique erotic .... Learn more

Double Ended Dildo

Also called as DED, Double Ended Dildo has two ends used for simultaneous sexual pleasure. Can be used for both vaginal or anal penetration .... Learn more





 Electro Sex Toys

These are sex toys that are specially designed for electro-sex. Electro-sex is the use of electricity for sexual pleasure. Electro-sex stimulates the body’s nervous system to produce .... Learn more





Feather Tickler

A feather tickler is one of the common sex toys being used during sensation play. It has a long and thin handle with .... Learn more

Finger Vibrators

Orgasms are a simple touch away if you're wearing or using one of these finger vibrators! Finger vibrators are worn as a ring around the finger and is being used for external stimulation rather than penetration .... Learn more


The most famous and top selling male sex toy in the world. Fleshlight looks like a flashlight but has a skin textured sheath on the inside allowing a penis to penetrate .... Learn more


Flogger is one of the most famous devices being used during a BDSM scene, you will have definitely seen it being used in a movie. A flogger is a BDSM device used to flog or whip your partner, it has tails that are .... Learn more





G-Spot Vibrators

G-spot vibrators are designed to stimulate the major female ‘hotspot’, which can produce deep, intense orgasms .... Learn more






Compared to conventional handcuffs, bondage handcuffs have a wide wrist and ankle restraints are generally made of leather, often padded with soft leather or .... Learn more


A hogtie is a type of bondage restraint technique where the person has their arms tied behind their back. Their legs are then bent back and tied to, or close by their hands. Another method is to tie the person's .... Learn more





Inflatable Butt Plug

Like other butt plugs, this toy is designed for gradually easing the opening of the anus. The air hose and hand pump make it easier for someone to give themselves anal pleasure. Compared to a butt plug that's .... Learn more





 Kegel or Ben Wa balls

Do you like working out in the gym? Amidst the squats, curls and planks, there’s one less-visible exercise you shouldn’t skip, your .... Learn more






A lead is one of the most popular accessories created for bondage play and BDSM and can be used by both male and female. The lead is usually attached to a collar that is normally worn around the neck to .... Learn more

Luxury Vibrator

Sex toys don't have to be luxury to be incredible, but there are some fancy toys out there that are well worth spending a few more. After all, don't your genitals deserve the very best .... Learn more





Massage Wand Vibrator

This type of massagers are known to be one of the most powerful vibrators. This is because, traditionally, wand massagers were corded and plugged into an electrical outlet, giving them an incredibly strong .... Learn more

Male Masturbator

Yeah, guys don't need help when it comes to masturbating, every man seems to figure out how to do this just fine. However, if you are looking to take things to a higher level, there are a number of options open to .... Learn more


An intricately decorated mask commonly seen during masquerade parties and events to hide the wearers identity. Masks are a simple way to introduce a bit .... Learn more

Medical Fetish

Medical Fetish involves medical fantasy themes like medical practices, medical environments or even doctor patient role play .... Learn more

Mini Vibrator

A Mini Vibrator is one of the most basic, compact and widely used sex toys out there. Most Mini vibrators are cordless and run on small watch batteries or internal batteries. Others may have thin cords attached .... Learn more





Nipple clamps

Nipple clamps are often associated with pain, but no one ever mentions the pleasure it brings to the wearer. Nipples are highly sensitive and are considered an erogenous zone, especially in women .... Learn more





Penis Extension

A penis extension is a condom-like sex toy that slips on over the penis to provide more girth and .... Learn more

Penis Pump

Penis Pump sucks blood into the penis forcing it to become large, get erect easier, improve girth and even help you last longer in bed .... Learn more


Wartenberg Pinwheel and Neurological wheel are just some of the terms used for PinWheels. Most pinwheels come in a body safe stainless steel material and some come in chrome plated iron .... Learn more

Pussy Pump

Also called as clitoral pump is a sex toy used by women to help arousal by pulling blood flow to the genital area. Just like a penis pump, it uses suction to draw blood to the clitoris and labia .... Learn more

Prostate Massager

A prostate massager is a device specially designed for massaging the prostate gland. Prostate Massager usually have a slightly curved head to effectively massage the prostate. These prostate massagers are .... Learn more





 Rabbit Vibrator

At one time this vibrator was the most sold vibrator in the world. Rabbit vibrators are designed to stimulate the vagina and clitoris simultaneously. The rabbit-shaped stimulator is held near the clitoris .... Learn more

Remote Control Vibrator

Pleasure right at your fingertips, this is exactly what a remote control vibrator is. A remote control sex toy is a vibrating sex toy that can be operated from a distance either by wired, wireless remote or even app .... Learn more





Sex Doll

A sex doll is a lifesized sex toy shaped and proportuned like a human. The sex doll may consist of an entire body with face, or just a pelvic part, with the accessories for sexual stimulation. The parts are .... Learn more

Sex Machine

A Sex Machine is a penetrative or extractive mechanical device used to simulate sexual intercourse and other sexual activities. Often electronic, a penetrative sex machine has a motor that vibrate, thrusts and .... Learn more

Sex Swing (Sling)

This is a type of harness created for sexual intercourse where one partner is suspended while the other one is able to move freely. Usually consists of three parts, a support for the back, another for the buttocks .... Learn more

Spanking Paddle

Often used in BDSM or bondage play to spank the receiver to intensify the sensation and sexual pleasure through pain. A spanking paddle is a sex toy with a handle and two flat sides that's usually made of .... Learn more






Whip is popular in the BDSM community, it is a long and thin leather sex toy that is used to inflict pain or pleasure upon .... Learn more