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Often used in BDSM or bondage play to spank the receiver to intensify the sensation and sexual pleasure through pain. A spanking paddle is a sex toy with a handle and two flat sides that's usually made of leather or wood. Spanking paddle should be a great addition to your collection.

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  • Lust Bondage Paddle - Purple

    Lust Bondage Paddle - Purple


    Awaken your desires and delve into the realm of LUST. Meticulously constructed restraints designed to bind your pleasures with an exquisite offering of mask, whip, paddle, collar with chain and hog tie featuring easy to use Velcro closures, neoprene...

  • Scandal Round Double Paddle Scandal Round Double Paddle

    Scandal Round Double Paddle


    For the nights you're feeling extra naughty, indulge in the indulgent taps of the Scandal Round Double Paddle. Effortlessly plant stinging taps on your submissive with the plush dual layer paddle and sturdy handle. Punishment and pleasure go hand in hand...

  • Sinful Paddle - Black Sinful Paddle - Black

    Sinful Paddle - Black


    Get kinky in black with the Sinful line. The paddle is attractive and stylish while still offering a stimulating sensation when wielded in the proper hand. Made of high quality, durable and long lasting materials. Add a spark of excitement to your play...

  • Scandal Paddle Scandal Paddle

    Scandal Paddle


    Sensual S&M play includes both punishment and reward. Using a soft paddle the dominant role player delivers punishment with a few well placed swats on their partners backside and rewards their obedience with teasing tantalizing caresses.